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Romo, Front & (Under) Center

seen by us, and in the off-season workouts and mini-camp, that's given him confidence to play Romo. I mean, what else could it be causing Parcells to think Romo is ready for the "wolves" he was not ready to face previously? 

There have only been five practices in three days of training camp here at the River Ridge Complex, and that's certainly not enough time to make an impression one way or another, unless of course you are Ahmad Merritt, the fourth-year wide receiver who dropped more passes in three practices than a dieter could possibly drop pounds in a week and was cut, along with two others (LB JJ Horne and DB Byron Parker) on Monday. 

But so far, here is what we've seen from Romo: He appears much more composed in the pocket and seems to make far fewer impulse decisions. Looks like he knows where the ball is going. His accuracy seems to be either right on the button or 10 yards off, but the poor passes are far fewer than say his first two years in the league. And it sure seems he's got something going with Terrell Owens on the medium deep crossing patterns, simply throwing the ball up high and allowing Owens to go up and get it, but seemingly in stride. 

Now he did get picked by rookie Pat Watkins on a flea-flicker attempt Monday morning, although the flicker part of it seemed to catch him off-guard, unless he was selling the flea part with a great acting job. 

So there has to be some other reason why Parcells thinks it's time to finally find out about Romo, and why two independent parties have seen fit to say to me, don't be surprised if Romo gets an extended opportunity to start this season, Drew Bledsoe might have a hard time regaining his job. 

Those are bold words, but not laced with hollow hope. 

"He reminds me of players I used to have," Parcells said, sort of avoiding the issue. "(Jeff) Rutledge, Matt Cavanaugh, guys like that." 

Both, if you remember, were spunky, savvy quarterbacks who learned to play within their capabilities, not make a lot of mistakes, but always seemed to supply the juice when the juice was needed. Efficient. 

So glory be, at least Parcells seems intent on letting the cat out of the bag - letting Romo cross that moat-sized threshold onto the proving grounds. That's what ya'll been asking for. 

Sounds like you - and Romo - are going to get it, the truth lurking right around the preseason - and possibly season - corner.                                                                           

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