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Romo Ranks 10th On Jaworski's Rankings

Over the last month, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, a former Eagles quarterback, has counted down the Top 30 NFL quarterbacks with a daily series that has aired in multiple spots, such as *NFL Live and Sportscenter. 

*With the beginning of the Top 10, Jaworski ranked Tony Romo 10th and give the following assessment of the Cowboys' signal-caller.

*"Alright, folks. Time to get excited! We begin the top 10 on my quarterback big board. Number 10 is Tony Romo. It seems as if Romo has been the Cowboys starter for like a decade! The reality is he's only played four full seasons. 

*I remember Romo's outstanding performance against the Redskins on Monday Night Football. That's a tough defense to play against. A lot of movement before the snap and a lot of blitz. This 20-yard completion to Dez Bryant on 3rd and 9 showed Romo at his best. He recognized the blitz. He set the protection. He held his cadence to minimize Washington's aggressiveness. And how about the anticipation versus man-to-man coverage? Right here, he started his delivery. Bryant was still running vertically. And look at the ball location: to the outside, away from the inside leverage corner. That was advanced quarterbacking, folks.
There's an instinctive awareness to Romo's play that I've always liked. He has always been able to move within the pocket. And he's also very good extending plays outside the pocket, especially moving to his left. That's not easy for a high-handed quarterback to do. Watch him get his front shoulder turned and his feet balanced with his back foot planted. That's critical. 

**As I reevaluated Romo for this project, what jumped out was his intuitive feel to hold and manipulate safeties. When I talk about eye discipline, this is what I mean. Romo's focus to the right controlled the deep safety. He knew he wanted Witten on the seam, but he had to keep Earl Thomas away from the throw. 

**I've always sensed the perception of Romo was that he turned the ball over too much. That is dead wrong. In his last two full seasons, he's only thrown 19 interceptions in almost 1,100 attempts. That, my friends, is outstanding. Romo is without question a top 10 quarterback." 

Jaws' QB Countdown Series Rankings:*


No. 30

Tim Tebow, New York Jets
No. 29 Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars
No. 28 Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings
No. 27 Matt Flynn, Seattle Seahawks
No. 26 Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins
No. 25 Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals
No. 24 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills
No. 23 Mark Sanchez, New York Jets
No. 22 Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs
No. 21 Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders
No. 20 Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams
No. 19 Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals
No. 18 Matt Hasselbeck, Tennessee Titans
No. 17 Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No. 16 Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers
No. 15 Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
No. 14 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions
No. 13 Matt Schaub, Houston Texans
No. 12 Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
No. 11 Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
No. 10 Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

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