Romo's 102.5 Rating Not A Team Record

This is actually kind of hard to believe considering how the NFL's passing game has evolved over the years, with most of the best seasons for quarterbacks coming in more recently.

But in looking up how Tony Romo's season compares to the best by a quarterback in franchise history, it was a little surprising to find that his career-best QB rating of 102.5 was actually only second by any Cowboys passer.

In 1971, the year he battled Craig Morton for the starting job, Roger Staubach actually posted a mark of 104.8. Of course, the passing game was not the basis of any offense in those days, but Staubach's efficiency that year was the fifth-best in NFL history, as he led the Cowboys to their first world championship against Miami in Super Bowl VI.

Staubach was 126-of-211 on the year (59.7 percent), throwing for 1,882 yards, with 15 touchdowns against only four interceptions. He also ran for 343 yards and a pair of TDs.

In 2011, Romo was 346-of-522 (66.3 percent), throwing for 4,184 yards, with 31 touchdowns on 10 interceptions. He gained just 46 yards as a rusher, with one score.

Further evidence of how the game has changed, Staubach retired as the most efficient quarterback in league history, with a rareer rating of 83.4, which is now just 31st all-time.

Romo, by the way, is currently in second-place all-time, behind only Aaron Rodgers, with a career rating of 96.9.

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