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Romo The QB "With The Most To Lose?"

Rather than a mailbag Q&A every day, the mothership frequently tosses out open-ended questions to its staff panel, calling the feature an "Instant Debate."

And what would be the point if they all had the same answer, right?

That's how the hil-ar-ious Adam Rank gets around to claiming Tony Romo is the quarterback with the most to lose in 2012:

*"Romo is on a short leash. (And I'm talking about quarterbacks who matter -- sorry Mark Sanchez, Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel.) Is Romo going to be benched in favor of Kyle Orton this season? No way. But Romo is not going to be the quarterback of the Cowboys next season if the team fails to reach the playoffs again.

So if you want to talk about the quarterback with the most to lose, it's easily Romo."

*Actually, it might be the funniest thing Rank has ever said. Romo had a career season in 2011 and the Cowboys weren't good enough as a team to get into the postseason.

If he careers again, or comes remotely close to it, the Cowboys will most likely be trying to extend him past 2013, not dumping him with a year left on his deal and accelerating a cap-crippling amount of dead money into the budget.

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