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Running Into Big Bill

season-ending news briefing. This coach will not. 

Don't mean to whine. I just re-read last season's season-ending column, which was a complaint that if you wanted a State of the Union, you better wait about three weeks for President Bush, because you ain't getting one from here. 

And that's Bill's right. But that doesn't mean there aren't some season-ending questions that need answers anyway. 

Here are some of them: 

Bill, what are you thinking with Greg Ellis and La'Roi Glover? Why did you so drastically reduce their playing time in the second half of the season? Did the increased productivity in the opposition's running game have at all to do with their increased time standing next to you? Are you running them off? If so, why? And with whom do you hope to replace them? 

Since drafting Jacob Rogers was mostly your idea, who will be in charge of finding the right tackle for 2006? And who might that be? 

Did Keith Davis play well enough for you to keep free safety far down on your priority list? (And have you seen Dwayne Slay of Texas Tech? What do you think of him?) 

How many linebackers do you need for next year? Do you need more inside or outside types? 

What improvement do you expect next fall from DeMarcus Ware, Chris Canty and Rob Pettiti? 

Is Al Johnson your center, or do we believe the whispers that you think he's too small? 

At what point do you feel the need to add an impact receiver, guarding against the time that Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn start acting their age? 

Do you think next September's starting offensive guards are on campus? 

What are you going to do to find a kicker and punter who can help you win, and might you reconsider bringing back the kicking coach? 

And Bill, why won't you hold a season-ending news conference so the fans of the franchise can have a little bone to chew on before the draft, seeing as how they're watching everyone else play in the playoffs? 

There. Guess we told him

(And before you go, would you sign my press pass?)                                       

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