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Sanders Is Still Close With Pacman

Because of the dinner the two shared while Dez Bryant was in college (and the lie Bryant told NCAA investigators about it that eventually got him suspended), the Cowboys receiver has been connected to cornerback Deion Sanders for a year and a half.

But in interviews on local radio stations in the last two days, Sanders has revealed that he broke off his association with Bryant some time back. Sanders had said he understood Bryant's lie when he felt intimidated by the NCAA, but mistruths told to him by the 22-year old since then have severed their trust.

"I have no desire to speak to the kid," Sanders said Friday morning on KESN (103.3-FM). "In regards to me, I can forgive, but I can't forget ... so I cut off those ties a long time ago."

Sanders has a history of reaching out attempting to help youth, collegiate and professional athletes in need of guidance. Speaking on KTCK (1310-AM) on Thursday, Sanders said Bryant's dishonesty put in jeopardy the cornerback's relationship with other kids.

Among those still embraced by Sanders is former Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, who, despite a laundry list of arrests and off-the-field problems, is at least an honest kid at heart, Sanders said.

When asked whether the Cowboys should be concerned by Bryant's behavior off the field and away from the locker room, Sanders said nothing, explaining that the silence was his answer.

Sanders' revelations comes less than a week after Bryant received a criminal trespass waning for an incident at a local mall.

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