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Saturday's Stakes Will Change By Kickoff

Everyone should be up to date on the NFC East endgame scenario.

If the Giants lose to the Jets, a Cowboys victory would clinch the division. If the Giants beat the Jets, it's irrelevant for the Cowboys, setting up what has seemed like an inevitable all-stakes game at the Meadowlands in Week 17, but would eliminate the Eagles.

That's why despite Jason Garrett's assurances, it's impossible not to think someone in Cowboys Stadium will be doing a little scoreboard watching prior to kickoff on Saturday. With the Giants facing the Jets in a noon kickoff game, but the Cowboys and Eagles will know what they're playing for before their own game begins.

For the Cowboys, there are still Wild Card considerations, though the team will need help in the way of losses by Atlanta and Detroit, with Seattle, Chicago and Arizona still in the mix.

The best way in, however, is to win the division. For the Eagles, it's the only way in.

Don't expect the Cowboys to bench any starters or hold back for Week 17 if the Giants beat the Jets, but in that event might Philadelphia rest Michael Vick, who played through broken ribs on Sunday?

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