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Scout's Eye: Defense Dominant Again On Day 2


FRISCO, Texas – If you followed along with my notes from Tuesday, you might start sensing a theme here.

Here are my notes from the action:

  • During one of the full-team periods, Michael Gallup ran a curl on Byron Jones coming back to the ball. Gallup was in great shape to make the catch with a little separation on Jones. The ball was right on Gallup's hands, but as he was pulling it down, Jones got his left hand in there to knock it away. The play would have resulted in a first down for the offense but Jones was able to get the defense off the field.
  • Prescott went back to the Gallup/Awuzie matchup on a big fourth down, and Awuzie was once again up to the challenge. Connor Williams got just enough of Anthony Brown on the slot blitz in order for Prescott to have a chance to get the ball off. The pass was too far up the field for Gallup to have a chance to reach.
  • Outstanding coverage by Chris Covington on Jordan Chunn on the goal line. Mike White was forced out of the pocket to his left. White couldn't get his shoulders around to hit Marchie Murdock in the back of the end zone wide open. He had no other options but to try and get the ball to Chunn. Covington, running stride for stride with Chunn, got his left hand up to keep White from having a window to deliver the ball.
  • Charles Tapper was oh-so close to a sack on a play that wound up as a touchdown to Cole Beasley. Tapper went for the inside spin move on Chaz Green, which put all his weight on his outside foot. Green had no way to adjust back to the inside to keep Tapper from tagging off Cooper Rush. Beasley went for the stutter-go on the route, which forced Lewis to sit his weight down. Once Beasley felt Lewis settle, he went right by him. Rush put the ball in a perfect spot for Beasley to make the reception.
  • Big time awareness by Jourdan Lewis to come off his man in coverage and pick up an open Cedrick Wilson down the field. Wilson was able to get away from Duke Thomas and find some space between defenders. Cooper Rush read the route as well and delivered the ball in the direction of Wilson, but it was much too high. Lewis was in position behind Wilson and was able to come up with the interception.

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