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Scouting Report: Breaking Down The New DT


FRISCO, Texas -- Here's the scouting report on the new guy, who the Cowboys added to the roster on Wednesday.

Name: Justin Hamilton

Position: DT

Height/Weight: 6-2/315

Draft: Undrafted in 2015, spent time with Buffalo, Green Bay, Seattle, Philadelphia and Kansas City.

  • Lines up as a one technique but there are snaps where you will see him at the three.
  • I thought he was better straight ahead than lateral. Range was much better against San Francisco where he appeared in better shape. Showed some redirection skill for a big man.
  • Powerful man. Plays with strength and leverage. Shows some pop when he comes off the ball. Did show the ability to discard the blocker.
  • Size will allow him to take up blockers.
  • Thought he could have done a better job finding the ball. There were snaps where he lost it due to getting in a battle with the blocker.
  • There were snaps where he was a tick late with his reactions once the ball was snapped.
  • Will extend his arms into the blocker for control.
  • Had some problems on the double team maintaining his balance. Was on the ground attempting to defeat blocks.
  • Pass rush comes from power more than moves. Can walk the blocker back in the pocket.
  • Did have a swim move that got him past the Pittsburgh center when led to a tackle for loss.
  • If he's in shape can help but if not it will take him a few weeks but they could use him more sooner than later.