Scouting Report: What Are Quinn's Strengths?


FRISCO, Texas – Having spent some time with the tape, here's my scouting report on the Cowboys' newly-acquired pass rusher, Robert Quinn.

Name: Robert Quinn

Position: DE

College: North Carolina

Height: 6-4

Weight: 264

Draft: Selected in the first round, 14th overall, by the St. Louis Rams in 2011

Games Studied: 2018 vs. Green Bay, New England (twice), Jacksonville

Scouting Report:

  • As you'd expect from a first-round talent, Quinn plays with initial quickness off the snap. Even at this advanced point in his career, he still has a good first step. Plays low to the ground.
  • To account for him, opponents will often put extra blockers to his side. He will get chipped by backs and tight ends.
  • He has the ability to take his blocker wide, then work underneath. He shows important redirection skills, and he has a large tool belt of pass rush moves. Start-stop quickness. Slippery player.
  • You hear me talk about this a lot, and it definitely applies to Quinn: he gets in a rhythm as a pass rusher. This is one of those guys that smells blood in the water.
  • He plays with some bend, and he has a real feel for how to get his shoulder past the blocker. Will go after the ball in the quarterback's hand. Works to create turnovers.
  • You can tell this guy is a savvy veteran. He has a feel for how to rush at the proper depth. He doesn't get pushed up the field, as he knows where he needs to finish. He does a good job of breaking the blocker's hands down.
  • Quinn is very athletic, but he's just not as effective when he attempts to bull or power rush. He gets two good steps, then gets bogged down.
  • He can really close down from the backside in the running game. He gets up the field, then is able to retrace his steps. He fights hard to take on blockers at the point of attack. Doesn't get washed despite his lack of bulk.
  • Knows how to position himself in the throwing lane in order to deflect the ball.
  • With the Dolphins, Quinn played in a rotating system. He'd rush hard three snaps, then come off the field. This is the type of guy that gives you everything he has in those snaps.

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