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Sean Lee Sets A Franchise Record Against The Giants

FRISCO, Texas – Sean Lee made history this past Sunday night against the New York Giants.

The veteran linebacker and defensive captain produced 22 team-credited tackles according to the coaches' film -- the most ever by a Cowboys player in a single game.

Lee and former linebacker great Lee Roy Jordan held the previous franchise record with 21.

"He's probably playing his best ball right now," Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said of Lee. "His production is off the charts. One of the things that we commented on as coaches is it's a lot of different kinds of production. It's direct runs at him, he's productive. It's sacking the quarter, he's productive. It's recovering a fumble, he's productive. It's coverage, it's runs to the inside, it's runs to the outside, it's tackle after the catch, he's just everywhere. And he's doing a lot of different things for us on top of the communication and the leadership that he has. He's an outstanding football player."

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