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Sensabaugh Listed At FS, If It Matters

With a game coming up Thursday, the Cowboys have sent out a game preview press release, which includes their first unofficial depth chart of the season.

One noticeable change is in the secondary, where Gerald Sensabaugh is now listed as the free safety, while Abe Elam takes over his spot as the strong safety. The positions are meant to be largely interchangeable in Rob Ryan's scheme, and both starters can play either spot, but still, a designation was made.

"We could play left and right sometimes," Sensabaugh said. "We're just going to try to mix it up. Me and him have talked that over and we're going to probably mix that up just so we're not being predictable who's playing the strong and who's playing the free."

Sensabaugh did work as a centerfield-type deep safety sparingly in Wade Phillips' defense.

"I can do it," Sensabaugh said. "It's not bad at all, actually. But like I said, we're going to be interchangeable, or I can be the designated free safety, I don't mind. It's just whatever we have out there. Rob gives us the freedom to do whatever.

"That's pretty much how this defense works - any guys can just switch positions at any time."

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