Sharing The Credit

into Keyshawn with comments that he wouldn't be a third or fourth receiver on this team. Or playfully ask the ESPN producers to let Johnson come out of retirement. Or suggest that Johnson was a non-factor in Tampa Bay winning Super Bowl XXXVII.

What's the point in all of that?

This all started because Owens thinks Phillips should get more credit for this team's turnaround. There is no award for the best coach over a two-year span. I'm just not sure why it's a story at all.

But Cowboys tight end Jason Witten admitted he would probably side with Owens, only because he feels Phillips should get more credit than he's receiving these days.

Then again, Witten also knows Parcells drafted him back in 2003 and a lot of the team's success, not to mention his own, is because of his former coach.

"I think Bill did a great job and set up a good foundation here with a lot of young players," Witten said. "He's a Hall-of-Fame coach and I'm forever thankful for what he taught me. But I just think Wade doesn't get enough credit for what he's done. The way he's led this team and allowed us to play so well together . . . I just don't think he's getting enough credit.

"But I do think both (coaches) did a great job. A lot of these football players are here because of Bill, and I'm one of those guys. But I just think Wade should get some credit, too."

See, Witten gets it.

It's both.

Parcells should be commended for building this football team to a highly-competitive level.

Phillips should be commended for taking this team to another level.

There's no reason for just one coach to hog the glory. Give a little bit to both.

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