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Similar Circumstances For Jones And Jenkins

Here's something to think about. As the Cowboys' two first-round picks from 2008 have diverged in a yellow wood this offseason, Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins have taken different roads.

They both came in the same year with high expectations, but not starting jobs. Their roles have grown, expectations have grown, then dipped.

Both played hurt throughout 2011, and needed shoulder surgery afterward. Both have slipped on the depth chart, apparently losing those starting jobs - Jones having been passed up by DeMarco Murray, Jenkins by Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne.

Both are entering the final year of their rookie contract, and could have far fewer opportunities to be on the field and make money for themselves this coming year.

Yet Jenkins is away from the team, rehabbing his shoulder on his own. Through his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, he sought an extension this spring, but has since asked to be traded. The Cowboys want depth at the position, and don't appear too interested in moving him.

Jones, meanwhile, has been with the club all along, and though he can't practice, has been working with the Cowboys' athletic trainers in his rehab. He hasn't publicly expressed any concern or frustration with his situation.

It's unlikely the Cowboys will shell out huge money for either player next offseason, but their individual approach to similar circumstances this year could alter their value, both to their current team, and others around the league.

Which would you rather keep?

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