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'Skins WR Has Harsh Words For 'Boys Fan

Ah, the Twitter. One of these days, everyone will figure out it's not your friend. Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney has learned as much.

After Sunday's game, a Cowboys fan decided to engage Gaffney with some virtual heckling, and Gaffney decided to answer back - quite strongly, one might say, and without any pesky commas.

"3-7 ain't a record to be proud of I'm just proud I ain't you get a life or kill urself," Gaffney tweeted.

Goodness. The tweet was since deleted, along with this well-intended justification, again, sans commas:

"I don't want the man to really kill himself it was just a way of saying (expletive) off and leave me alone to all you lames keep up or don't follow."

According to the Washington Post, Gaffney had just joined Twitter last week. The newspaper was polite enough to supply punctuation for his latest explanation on Monday.

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