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Sound Off


QB Tony Romo
(On missing his Byron Nelson tee time for OTA practice)
"It was fun being at football today. It was good. We had good weather today, got a good sweat in. For me, it's enjoyable to be able to play and compete. Football's the (most fun) thing I do, by far, so I get that out here. On a day like today, there's nothing else I'd rather do. There's really no decision there. For me it was just ... this is what I love to do. But once in a while I get out and I love competition. Whether it's golf, basketball, ping-pong, whatever it is, it's enjoyable to compete."

LB Coach Reggie Herring:
(On the departure of Bobby Carpenter and the second-round draft pick of Sean Lee)
"Well Bobby is gone, and we've got to move on with that. That's the league - guys come and they go. At the end of the day, what Sean Lee brings to us is a young, talented, committed football player that has a chance to do some really great things. But he hasn't done it yet. We've got a long way to go, but at the end of the day he's a complete player - run/pass coverage, run-and-hit defensive football player that has a chance to help this football team. It remains to be seen."

Secondary coach Dave Campo:
*(When asked if Alan Ball will get any reps at cornerback) *
"No, he is not going to for awhile. He's always there if we don't find a fourth corner that we can have confidence in. He always has the ability to do that, and he does not need a lot of practice."

LB Jason Williams
(About his eagerness to get back on the field after playing in only five games last year)
"I'm extremely eager to get out there. I feel better prepared than I was last year. Now that I've had a year under my belt, I feel more comfortable with the defensive scheme now, so I'm ready to get out there. I feel a lot more comfortable now with my rush defense. That was kind of like my main issue last year. But now ... the whole offseason I took a lot of time."

QB Tony Romo
* (On his thoughts about the offense)*
"I think we're in a good position in that we have some guys ... offensively speaking that are going to create some mismatches hopefully."

CB Alan Ball
(On whether it's "his time" to break out and shine)
"Obviously, as a player, you always feel like it's your time. When I first got here, of course, I knew I wasn't ready. So I had to take a step back and get ready as time went on. But at every point you feel like you're ready, and I feel like I'm ready."

TE Jason Witten
(On whether it's fun to watch the position battle between Dez Bryant and Roy Williams)
"Absolutely. I think anytime you bring that caliber player, especially a hot draft pick who has that kind of mentality, good things are going to happen. To have another guy with the ability to do so much with the ball in his hands ... you start adding those guys up, you have more and more weapons. We're going to be so productive. That's the plan.

QB Tony Romo
(On throwing to Dez Bryant today)
"I thought he looked pretty good. He has the ability to adjust his body to the ball."

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