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Spreading Holiday Cheer


For NBC: An eternity of flexible scheduling. 

For Fox and CBS: An end to flexible scheduling.( Santa can make it work for everyone, OK?) 

For Jason Garrett: A shot at being an NFL offensive coordinator. (The former good-guy Cowboys backup quarterback must have served his time as quarterbacks coach in Miami under Nick Saban.) 

For Cowboys' scouting director Jeff Ireland: A way for Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson to fall into his lap on draft day. 

For Randy Galloway: His own bail bond franchise. 

Wait, wait, I thought of something for Aikman: A win for his (and Roger Staubach's) NASCAR entry. That he doesn't have! 

For all reporters and photographers at Parcells' news conferences: Cell phones that automatically mute. 

For Terence Newman, Anthony Henry and Aaron Glenn: See DeMarcus Ware above. Nothing makes a corner's day like a pass rush. 

For Marcus Spears and Chris Canty: A chance to play in a 4-3 again. 

For Peyton Manning: That Super Bowl trip so everyone will quit asking you when it's coming. 

For Eli Manning: A chance to re-think that whole "no to San Diego" thing. 

For Terrell Owens: Inner peace. And a spit-guard for his face mask. 

For Marc Colombo: A contractual reward for his hard work. 

For Miles Austin: Breaking a long one. 

For the Houston Texans: A do-over. 

For FC Dallas, the Mavericks, the Chicago Cubs, Manchester United and the Missouri Tigers: Championships. (Hey, it's my list. Make your own if you don't like it.) 

For all our children: The perspective to remember that the one with the most toys doesn't always win, even if it seems that way. 

For Cowboys fans everywhere: Oh, you know! 

Have a happy, joyful and peaceful holiday. That's a gift we can all give ourselves.                       

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