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Stephen Jones: Dez Should Be A No. 1

Especially since Organized Team Activities began four weeks ago, much attention has been paid to Dez Bryant and the possibility that he might be ready to fully live up to his otherworldly physical skills.

At the same time, almost nothing has been said by or about the Cowboys' other top receiver, Miles Austin, himself a two-time Pro Bowler. If Austin is brought up, it's in the context of him needing to stay healthy a year removed from chronic hamstring injuries.

The Cowboys know how good Austin is, but they're most excited about how good Bryant can be, and team Vice-President Stephen Jones isn't making much of a secret of that.

"I think (Bryant) needs to be a No. 1 receiver," Jones told KESN-FM in Dallas this week. "Not to take anything away from Miles, but I would submit to you that when we line up out there that the guy that they're most worried about is Dez.

"And he's got to be that guy, and even when they do try to stop him, the great ones still make a lot of plays. Tony (Romo) has got to be able to count on him, he's got to run the right routes at the right depths and be a precise route runner. Those are things he's got to improve on."

If Bryant is playing to his potential, of course, it could mean even more opportunities for Austin. The basic premise of Jason Garrett's offense is to take what the defense gives.

But if Bryant can put it all together, he's a tough cover even for two defensive backs.

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