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Stephen Jones on New Challenges, WRs & More


This week, Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones did a virtual interview to discuss a variety of topics surrounding his team and the NFL as we get closer to the start of training camp and the season. While he discussed Dak Prescott's contract situation and how he remains fully confident in his quarterback and expects a deal to get done, here are some other quick highlights from the video.

  • Before getting into football topics, Jones addressed the magnitude of changes that have occurred since March and how the organization has adopted a new top priority. "It's been unprecedented in what this country, this world has been through over the last five months. To be sitting here on the cusp of starting a season and actually be here now and have all the players here at The Star … I think our crew has done an amazing job of getting prepared to have these players in a safe environment so they can be safe for their families. We know we're going to have challenges along the way, just as we have getting to this point. But we feel good about all the steps, the mechanics and the processes we've put in place to keep our players safe. That's first and foremost for us."
  • While keeping safety in mind, Jones also said he has full confidence the product on the field will be just as good, although it will take some time for adjustment, by the teams, the players and even the fans. "It's certainly not going to be normal. We've accepted that. It's going to take some time for our fans to accept it, but they're going to see, as usual, what the NFL puts out is a great product, great games, and we're certainly looking forward to it. We welcome challenges."
  • One thing that has been constant through this entire process has been the amount of changes that occur on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Jones said the staff has learned how to be adaptable at all times, knowing that rules and guidelines are ever-changing. "It's option-quarterback time here. I don't think anything is set in stone, nor should we. Believe it or not, we've got a long way to go before that first game. It'll be different because we won't be playing preseason games. We'll just be preparing our football team to play. But that can be an advantage for us. Certainly people don't know all the wrinkles … what (head coach Mike McCarthy) is going to bring to the table offensively. That can be a plus for the Cowboys. We're fired up about it. Obviously, our No. 1 goal is keeping our players safe, our fans safe and ultimately keeping our fans safe and putting a great product out on the football field.
  • With no preseason games this season, it will be tougher to evaluate some of the rookies, especially the undrafted free agents. Jones said he met with vice president of player personnel Will McClay this week while he was watching more film on some of the rookies. "We certainly have gone back and looked at some college tape. These guys are just going to have to show it on the field. You're not going to get the looks on the field as they would if they were playing in preseason games. I feel like at the end of the day, between Will and our scouting staff, and Coach McCarthy and his coaching staff, that we'll pick the right guys to be on the football field.
  • Stephen's excitement about the season is evident, but when asked to pinpoint one position that he is most excited about, he couldn't help but discuss the one that has been upgraded the most from the draft. "It's a tough one because we feel so good about this football team in general. But I must say, with jumping on CeeDee Lamb in the first round, that this receiving corps is going to be something else. I know Dak [Prescott] has thrown with them in the offseason with CeeDee, with Michael Gallup and [Amari] Cooper and the rest of the crew. I think it's a very unique receiving corps. I don't think we've seen anything like it. Our fans haven't seen anything like it in terms of the depth that we have and the weapons that these three guys represent."