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Stephen Jones: Trade Into Round 2 Unlikely

After using their second-round pick, No. 45 overall, to move up eight spots into position to select cornerback Morris Claiborne on Thursday night, the Cowboys are now faced with a long wait until they go on the clock next.

Between the beginning of Friday's action and the Cowboys' next selection, No. 81 overall, 49 players will come off the board.

Team owner Jerry Jones said Thursday night the club will keep an open mind about possibly trading to get back into the second round. As Friday has worn on, though, it became apparent the Cowboys are probably not in a position to make a move.

Club Vice-President Stephen Jones said the need to trade a package including future picks makes getting back into the second round too expensive.

"I just don't see it," Stephen Jones said. "We don't want to mortgage our future. We're just going to have to be content. It'll be painful. We knew that was going to happen, watching 32 good players go off the board this round, but we're very improved with Morris.

"We'll just think about him as they're coming off (the board)."

As Stephen Jones finished his sentence, his father, the Cowboys' owner, walked by and, seemingly no more than half-jokingly, asked a favor.

"Stephen, would you quit talking and get in here and get me a pick," Jerry Jones said. "We've got to do something."

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