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Still Early

!Against the Redskins, Barber and Jones each had eight carries, with five more to Choice.

mean, 8-8-5-1 with the one carry going to fullback Chris Gronkowski, who is proving to be pretty good at that misdirection trap play, especially off the goal line. 

I know there are lot of people screaming that Felix needs more than eight carries, and definitely more than 10 touches. I'm in agreement with that. I always think he needs more touches, but not necessarily as a tailback.  

He lines up a few times at receiver, but doesn't seem to be in many routes. That's not really going to work very much if you don't ever throw him the ball out there. I think Felix needs a few passes, other than screens, and maybe even a reverse or too where he comes around the corner. Watching him do that in college, I don't think there are many backs in the country - college or pro - who turn the corner and get up the field like he does.  

But I thought Barber did a pretty good job as well. I'm not saying cut his carries much. I really don't have a problem with the split rotation, other than maybe a little more for the top two backs and less for Choice. (And yes, that opinion was the same even before he lost the first fumble of his career).  

I just think Felix and Barber are the starting backs and it's hard enough to split carries between two guys. It's good to have Choice ready, but I think I'd focus more on the top two. 

Overall, it's just a little early in the season to worry about this running game. Believe me, there will be a game - probably after a loss - in which the commitment to the run and the distribution of carries will be questioned. 

Just doesn't seem like we're there yet.      

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