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Still Uphill

!Garrett can become just the third coach in Cowboys history to start out 2-0.

have a trap game? You wouldn't think so, but there are always exceptions and this very well could be one.  

It's easy to point out things like the Lions playing with a backup quarterback, Shaun Hill, or not winning a road game since 2007, when Jon Kitna was throwing to Roy Williams.  

No, the Lions have been bad on the road, and not that great at home either. They've got a young squad with only a handful of players you've ever heard of.  

But if anything, the Lions will compete. They're 2-7 but have scored more points than they've allowed by a difference of 215-202. The Lions have four losses this year by three points or less, and that's not including the five-point defeat to the Bears when Calvin Johnson caught a game-winning touchdown that was nullified when replay officials ruled he didn't have control of the ball when he hit the ground.  

The Lions have trouble winning games, but they can play with anyone and everyone.  

You know Jason Garrett has told this team all of those stats, if not a lot more. And that's why this week is a tougher task for the new coach. Sure, he got them to fight and win one on the road for one week against arguably the best team in the league.  

But now let's see if Garrett can get their attention when the Lions are coming to town. See if they can stay focused enough to put away a team we all think they should beat.  

If they can do that, then maybe we're really on the path to a surefire culture change.  

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