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T.O. All The Time

those experts. 

And when he faces Philadelphia? Please. 

Even Jones got a little of the business while in the TV committee meeting here. They were talking about increasing entertainment, and Philadelphia owner Jeff Lurie decided he'd take the opportunity to bust Jones' chops. 

"It would make all the top entertainment (shows) if you could get some insight into some T.O.-Jerry-Bill back and forth," Jones said of Lurie's wisecracks. "I didn't even honor it with a reply." 

Hey, and don't you know when the co-chairs of the NFL competition committee talked Monday about emphasizing the rules prohibiting taunting and regulating touchdown celebrations, no matter this becoming a league-wide malady will be cracked down on this year, first and foremost in everyone's mind: 


For sure, this probably is one of the reasons Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells was a no-show at Wednesday's media breakfast with the NFC head coaches. He would field an hour's worth of T.O. questions. That means the rest of the NFC coaches had to handle those questions, especially poor Andy Reid of Philadelphia and good buddy Tom Coughlin of the Giants. 

That's one of the reasons I didn't have the heart on Tuesday to ask. This is pretty funny, too, little ol' me, left out on one of the few tables in the lobby area following Tuesday morning's breakfast, just trying to get online since my internet reception wasn't quite working in the work room. Just sitting there minding my own online business. 

And who should unwittingly mosey over, pull up a chair, and give his feet a break? Andy Reid, just killing time until the next coaches meeting began in a few minutes. 

Laughed to myself, but I just couldn't do it, couldn't be like one of the people who inundate me with T.O. questions, and as if Reid hasn't handled his share already. Figured I could wait until Wednesday when he was doused with T.O. questions. And it will probably be the same on the first conference call before the first Cowboys-Eagles meeting this year, and then until the second Cowboys-Eagles meeting this year.  

He at least went 20 minutes, the poor guy. 

I should have at least told him he owed me one. If he had only known how close he had come to unwittingly walking into a T.O. nest. 

But again, this T.O. nest is omnipresent. Come on, here I am at 6:30 Tuesday morning driving in, listening to a little FM and then Orlando sports-talk radio, and what should I hear? 


Yep, the host discussing the disparaging remarks former Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson has made about the signing of T.O. Come on, give me a break. Talk Grant Hill. Talk Bucs. Talk Braves spring training. Good gosh, talk Predators. 

But no, T.O. 

This is only the tip of the T.O.-berg. Wait. And I'm just betting Bill can't. Training camp will be a trip. 

Who knows, there might even be some football talk. Maybe. Because no one asked me if T.O. is already participating in the Cowboys' off-season workouts at The Ranch. Had they, they would have found out he is. Been there since the start last week. 

That's, though, is not a headline. Sorry Jerry. 

Those are reserved only for the scenes. And judging from all this, T.O. is a scene all unto himself.                     

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