Talk About Getting Romo-ed

Owens said.

"That was huge for us," Witten said.

Now let's just take a deep breath, then realize how "huge" Romo was from that point forward for the Cowboys. After that run, he would complete 8 of 13 passes for 193 yards and three touchdowns until the Cowboys basically pulled the plug in the fourth quarter with no need to continue scoring seemingly at will.

So, that means Romo finished by completing 21 of 33 passes for 339 yards, three touchdowns, one interception and a QB rating of 115.6. Not to mention he ran for another touchdown and did the majority of his passing damage with his two favorite receivers, Witten and Owens, only accounting for nine catches and 104 yards.

Why, the Rams were forcing him to throw to the other guy, and by golly that other guy made a name for himself. Crayton had a career day, catching seven passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

This also means that in four games this year Romo has three, 300-yard passing performances. This also means his quarterback rating has risen to 112.9. This also means he has 11 touchdown passes and three interceptions, putting him on pace now with 25 percent of the season completed for a 44-touchdown pass season.

Ridiculous right, seeing the team's record belongs to Danny White with 29 in 1983? Yeah, well, as Romo would facetiously tell you, how foolish would it be to think a team could score at least 34 points every week?

But then it would be ridiculous to suggest Romo could have turned that disastrous shotgun snap into a first down.

"I don't think he thought for a split second to just fall on the ball and punt," Witten said of his good buddy. "That's not the way he thinks . . . Just amazes you because he's not the most athletic guy you've seen. I don't think he even realizes what he's doing when he does it."

So what you'd tell him when the play was over?

"Dude, that was unbelievable," Witten said.

And you Owens?

"I said to him after the run that it would end up on the bloopers," Owens said.

And how 'bout you Gurode?

"I told him we were even, that I made the tackle on his interception," the much-relieved center said.

Ah, ain't winning grand, more than one person claiming it's high time to take "that play" out of the playbook, knowing this is not the first time Gurode has misfired on a shotgun snap?

But as I said, in a game so many want to control, there are times the game becomes uncontrollable and is reduced to 'me against you' sometimes. That's when Romo seems to be at his best, almost seems to thrive.

There are those who have been insisting his fearless ways will be his downfall, but each week he proves that is his strength - and just maybe the Cowboys' most intangible, unstoppable strength, just as he showed in the face of a Rams blitz finding Crayton for that 59-yard catch-and-run touchdown and when he rifled that 37-yard touchdown strike to Crayton and once again on the nifty 17-yarder to Witten when he deftly rolled to his right and threw on the run.

So on Hispanic Heritage Day here at Texas Stadium, Antonio Ramiro Romo made his people proud, not to mention his teammates, coaches, owner and the majority of nearly 63,000 people.

But here is the best thing about Romo:  When asked if his 60-yard run to gain four yards changed the entire game, Romo, half-smiling, half-smirking, as if he already was a step ahead, quipped, "That play obviously won the game."

Wonder if deep down, he even realized it did?

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