Talkin' Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue with Mirezha Guevara

Mirezha Guevara is in her second season as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers presented by Miller Lite, the NFL's first and only co-ed hip hop professional dance team in the NFL.

Mirezha was kind enough to join me for a few moments to discuss her game day experience following the Dallas Cowboys 28-14 win over the Cincinnati Bengals at AT&T Stadium.

JAY: Now that you are in your 2nd year as a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer, describe what it's like on the drive in to AT&T Stadium and how the excitement builds as you approach the stadium (and if it is any different than your rookie year).

MIREZHA:As a rookie, the drive into the stadium was full of excitement of the unknown, not knowing what to expect from the Cowboys fans and still learning about the culture of game day from the veterans. Being a veteran this year, I enjoy seeing the rookies experience everything for the first time, from our song-filled bus rides to our prayer circles before we perform. As a veteran on game days, I like passing on the bus-ride tradition of getting the rookies and everyone pumped up for the game on the way to the stadium! The bus ride to the stadium is a simple but joyous bonding time for the DCRB.

JAY:Talk about your family being there at the Cowboys-Bengals game for your pre-game performances on the AT&T Stadium plazas.

MIREZHA:Being that all of my family lives in Austin, when they come to the game to support me, it means the world to me! They are my biggest support system and motivation. My grandparents, who were there at the game, have always been there to support me from my dance team days at Leander High School to the University of North Texas and now here with the DCRB. Having them there on game days to watch me do what I love makes the entire experience even more meaningful.

JAY:From a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue dancer's perspective, describe the freestyle portion on the Miller Lite Landing that is new to Cowboys games this season.

MIREZHA:The freestyle portion on the Miller Lite Landing is a rewarding experience that I look forward to on game days! It's something new we've started and it gives us a chance to show off our personality and favorite tricks! It's also a chance for the Cowboys fans to experience game day entertainment up close and personal!

JAY:Talk about being in the Miller Lite Club during the game, interacting with fans and being so close to the action.

MIREZHA:We have the best seats in the house! We get to support our 'Boys front and center, and witness all the action on the field up close! When it comes to the fans, there are many pictures and meaningful memories that take place in the Miller Lite Club. Whether it's a young fan experiencing their first Cowboys game or a long-term loyal fan, I enjoy being a part of their game day memories.

JAY:How much fun was the Cowboys-Bengals game with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott leading the Dallas Cowboys to such a dominating victory?

MIREZHA:Dak and Zeke have easily become crowd favorites and watching them in action this past Sunday was a thrill! It's not hard to get excited when they dominate on the field or when any Cowboys player makes a great play for that matter. I'm looking forward to watching this dynamic duo continue to make great plays!

Fans can follow the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Dancers on Twitter and Instagram @DCRhythmBlue

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