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Tank Lawrence Responds To Pederson's Comments


FRISCO, Texas – Leave it to DeMarcus Lawrence to finally provide the sound bite everyone was clamoring for.

From the time Doug Pederson made his comments about the Eagles winning this game, everyone has been looking for some kind of response. True to the nature of their head coach, the Cowboys haven't taken the bait.

Lawrence has never been one to mince words, though, and he reminded reporters on Friday that Pederson isn't the one playing on Sunday night.

"Can he play the game? Then he might wanna shut his ass up and stay on the sideline," Lawrence said. "He can't play the game for them. The Eagles got to come play, and he's supposed to sit on the sideline and do whatever he wants to do – but he can't play the game for them, so we'll see."

The Cowboys are sitting on a three-game losing streak, but Lawrence pointed out that it's a situation they're familiar with. This team was sitting on a 3-5 record last season and won seven of its final eight games, so Lawrence said they aren't fazed by the current state of affairs.

"Y'all asking these same questions," he said. "What is there to fear? We are all men. We already know what we got to do. We're gonna go and show it, and prove it."