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Team Has Made And Received Trade Calls

Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones is known as a wheeler-dealer in the war room, one of the NFL personnel men most open to making trades. It should come as no surprise, then, that conversations with other clubs picking in the first round have already begun.

"It would be inordinate for there not to be some talking from teams whether or not we could have an interest in (trading) up or down," Jones said. "This is business as usual. The answer is, you get those kinds of calls two or three days before the draft."

Without naming specific teams, Jones confirmed the Cowboys have received calls from clubs interested in the 14th overall pick.

"And have made them," Jones added.

In some years past it was difficult for teams in the top 10 to move out of those selections because of the risk associated with the giant contracts for the draft's top picks.

The new rookie wage scale, put in place last offseason, makes the draft's early picks more attractive.

"I think the new system causes less teams to want to get out and more teams to go up," Jones said. "And it has everything to do with it just doesn't cost as much to be up there."

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