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The Best Pick Ever At No. 14 Overall Is . . .

Jim Kelly. That was the choice of in a photo essay detailing the all-time best selections at each slot in the first round.

The Cowboys, who own the 14th overall pick this year, will certainly not be looking for the second coming of Kelly, the quarterback who chose to begin his pro career with the Houston Gamblers of the short-lived USFL instead of immediately joining the Buffalo Bills.

Kelly went on to lead the Bills to four consecutive AFC titles and four consecutive Super Bowl losses, including two to the Cowboys, in a Hall of Fame career.

While a guy like Kelly wouldn't fit here, the Cowboys certainly could make room for a cornerback like Darrelle Revis, the All-Pro who was picked at No. 14 overall by the Jets in 2007.

Along with cleverly driving up the website's click totals, the photo gallery shows that value picks can come from anywhere in the first round.

The Cowboys were given kudos in two of the 32 first-round slots, No. 11 overall, where they selected Michael Irvin in 1988, and No. 17 overall, where they selected Emmitt Smith in 1990.

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