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The Best Policy


themselves about Roy Williams, whether or not he gives the team the best chance to win taking the starter's reps. And offensive tackle - does Doug Free project to be a better player in 2010 than either Flozell Adams or Marc Colombo? Defensively, the Cowboys have to figure out what's causing their problems creating turnovers. Should the safeties be making more plays?

At each one of these positions the Cowboys have to question whether the way things were done in 2009 is really the best option. Continuity is not such a good thing if you're continuing to do something that doesn't work, or there's a better way to do it.

The real test of how honest the Cowboys are being with themselves is whether they can overlook the price tags on some of these players. Barber, Williams, Adams, Colombo and Ken Hamlin each received lucrative long-term contracts in the last two years. The club has to decide if it is chasing good money after bad by keeping all of those players in such prominent roles when younger, less expensive players have shown promise at the same positions.

Money is no object, right? However, the feelings of the players shouldn't get in the way either. Most importantly, the Cowboys have to be true to themselves, the organization, when putting together the team, same as they were in 2009.

Tough decisions have to be made year after year. It's no different just because spirits are up around The Ranch this time.

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