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The Point Of The Matter Columnist 
Jan. 10, 2004, 5:36 p.m. (CST)   

such a deal. They'd have to get more than just a first . . . .  

And by the way, were you really impressed with Brees on Saturday? First of all, I certainly would not pay a premium for a 6-foot quarterback who's had one good season in his four-year career. Secondly, he just doesn't get the ball down field enough for my liking. Why this season, he averaged 7.5 yards per attempt, and, while this might be more of an indictment on the Chargers' wide receivers, Eric Parker led the wide receivers with 47 catches. And with the game on the line in OT, and the ball on the Jets 22-yard line, the Chargers didn't put the game in his hands. They preferred to run the ball three times and rely on a rookie kicker to win it instead of the guy they voted as their MVP. What's up with that? . . .  

Maybe Denver should have called the Cowboys to find out about life with a rookie free agent in your secondary. The Cowboys spent nearly the entire season with either a seventh-round pick or rookie free agent playing corner on the right side, and that really didn't work out so well. Well, having rookie free agent Roc Alexander matched up on Indy's Reggie Wayne most of the afternoon didn't work out so well for the Broncos. Did I emphasize enough this season playing rookie free agents prominently in the secondary is no way to do business in the NFL? 

Sure was a good thing, though, the Broncos traded for Champ Bailey. Peyton Manning might have thrown for 500 yards instead of 457. And after all that talk from Broncos safety John Lynch earlier in the week about the Colts receivers being "soft," humph, did he even play? My mama also told me to leave sleeping dogs lie . . . .  

And let's hear it for this game of football being a team game. No way Packers corner Al Harris was going to take the blame for getting roasted by Moss on the game-clinching 34-yard touchdown pass just because he bit on the slant a lame Moss turned up field. He tried throwing his linebacker Hannibal Navies under the bus for not blitzing, saying oh so colorfully, "If me and you go rob a bank and you're the get-away driver, and I come out with the money, you've got to be there for me to get in the car. We called an all-out blitz and there is no way possible that you should have time to run a double move. I was sitting on the route. It makes us look like we don't know what's going on." 

We'll, I'll be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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