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There Has To Be More From Felix, Right?

obviously a fine line the coaching staff has to walk here.  

  Do you find out what your rookie running back can do in live games, against not only another defense, but the first-team defense? Do you find out if he can become a dynamic kick returner in the pros like he was in college? Or, do you say we've seen enough big plays in practice and try to hide him until the regular season.  

  That sounds funny - hiding a first-round pick, especially at running back.  

  But right now, what film do opposing teams have on Felix Jones, particularly in a complementary role to Barber? The rest of the league has seen him make plays with the second-team, but the big question will be just how he fits in with the starters.  

  Just how do the Cowboys work Jones into the scheme, either in a two-back system with Barber, or lined up as a receiver. Or maybe the Cowboys will find some kind of series rotation, similar to what Barber and Julius Jones had last year.  

  After the game, I got a chance to ask Felix about getting unleashed more when the season starts. If a look says it all, you should've seen the ear-to-ear grin on Felix when he answered. Safe to say, the Cowboys haven't scratched the surface just yet.  

  "It's the preseason right now, we're just getting the basics down," Jones said. "When the season starts, we'll get down to business." 

  Speaking of business, let's hope it includes a kickoff return, or three - each game.  

  Maybe Phillips is just laying low on this one, but I just don't understand the logic. Now, I'm not sure if he's going to be a great running back in the pros. It's safe to say he was a pretty good "tailback" in college.  

  But he was a phenomenal kickoff returner. A two-time All-American returning kicks with five career touchdowns in that area.  

  Why wouldn't you want a dynamic player to do what he does best? And if the answer is a fear of getting a guy hurt on special teams, then to me, special teams needs more emphasis.  

  Personally, I wouldn't mind having a guy back there who could take it the distance at any moment. Seems to work for the Bears. Not saying Felix Jones is Devin Hester, but it's safe to say that Jones did way more in college in the return game than Hester.  

  "Hey, if that's what they want to do, I respect their decision," Jones said of not returning kickoffs now. "Hopefully, I'll get a few soon."  

  And that might be the case now with Isaiah Stanback going down with a shoulder injury. Last year's returner, Miles Austin, is out a few more weeks with a knee injury. Seems like a good time to get Felix Jones a crack or two at kickoffs, especially with just one preseason game to go.  

  "I'm not worried right now," Jones said. "I'm confident in the coaches. They have a plan for me."  

  Whatever it is, it seems the Cowboys know the answer. They just don't feel the need to tell us, or the rest of the league, right now.                                                                         

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