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These Prices Are Real

but technically, the fourth pick in the fifth round. Since theirs is the 18th pick in the fifth, they would have to maybe switch places in a round with Detroit and then give the Lions their fifth or next year's fifth to make up the difference. 

So you really think Huff, a free safety - and knowing the Cowboys have won with the likes of undrafted Michael Downs, Plan B free agent James Washington, seventh-round pick Brock Marion and free agent George Teague over the years - is worth a first, second and fifth, plus something else? 

Get outta here. 

As Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells likes to say, need must meet opportunity, and that my friends, is no opportunity. You'd basically come out of this draft then with ostensibly Huff, a third-round draft choice, a sixth and a seventh. No way. The Cowboys aren't complete enough to only add a handful of draft choices. 

Even more ridiculous is this notion that since New Orleans signed free-agent quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints will be more than willing to trade the second pick in the draft. Oh my, the point differential between the Cowboys' 18th pick and the Saints' second is 1,700. That's this year's entire draft plus at least next year's first, and possibly the second, too, if the Cowboys should finish with a winning record. 

Plus, how did deals like that work out for the Saints when trading to get Ricky Williams, or those Vikings when trading for Herschel Walker? 

Now you say, well what if the Cowboys just move up a couple of spots, say from 18 to the Falcons' spot at 15? Well, that's the equivalent of the 24th pick in the third round. The Cowboys have the 16th and don't have a fourth, which makes that kind of move a tad sticky unless you want to give up a pick for next year or give up too much to move. 

Not having that fourth is more costly than you think when it comes to moving around in the first round. 

Ah, but what would it take for the Cowboys to recoup that fourth? Much easier. 

If the Cowboys would trade down, and you know Parcells and Jones are big on moving down to take a player where he should be taken according to their board, replacing that fourth is very possible. 

For example, if the Cowboys simply dropped from 18 to Washington's 22nd spot, that would be worth a draft pick valued at 120 points, or the 31st pick in the third round. But since the Redskins don't have that pick, it would cost them their fourth and fifth. 

And if the Cowboys could handle moving say from 18 to 25 where the Bears are positioned, well, that's like worth Chicago's third-rounder and sixth-rounder. 

All according to the chart. 

Plus, let's remember this: If a team is willing to deal a pick, chances are the Cowboys aren't the only team it's calling. And if two teams get involved in bidding for a club's draft choice, well the price of business goes up. Sorta like eBay, you know. 

Hopefully this will give you guys a much better perspective on draft-day trades for picks - what makes sense and what doesn't. 

Moving around in the first round is expensive. From the bottom of the second to the top of the second is worth a high third. Flipping around on the second day is far less expensive, as you would imagine. 

Just a little food for thought. And remember, this ain't like going over to the neighbors and handing them three zucchinis for two tomatoes. 



!   Well, the one position the Cowboys really needed to cover themselves prior to the draft just got covered, signing free agent safety Marcus Coleman. But as they did last year by bringing in Aaron Glenn, signing the 32-year-old Coleman does not necessarily stop progress with the young guys (Keith Davis or Justin Beriault) and doesn't preclude taking a safety at some point in the draft. Just gives them some veteran experience and insurance. 
!   Speaking of corners making moves to safety, as Coleman did two years ago in

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