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To Be, Or Not To Be A QB

do, always falling on his sword for the sake of the team. That's what leaders do. No excuses, and probably why Bledsoe decided to talk on Monday when he normally only holds one of these mass interview sessions on Wednesdays. 

Especially after watching Bledsoe's sideline stretching gymnastics, seemingly trying to loosen up on a day there was enough humidity in the air to grease a pig. 

Especially after watching Bledsoe throwing on the sideline between series that second half when I've never seen him do that since he's been here, or really, any other starting quarterback the Cowboys have had the past 20 years unless there was something wrong. 

Doesn't that make sense to you guys? That there was something wrong? 

Come on, he wasn't all right after the first quarter. It was more than "nothing." 

I mean, there are off days, and then there are those final three quarters. And look, I'm not blaming those interceptions on a bad back. The first had a little to do with Reggie Hayward being in his face while throwing blindly to Witten. The second was a bad decision. The third was inevitable. 

But it's the incompletions that bothered me most. Bledsoe was way off, and there are a lot of things you can say about the 14th-year veteran, but way off isn't one of them when it comes to his passes. Oh, he'll miss guys, sure. Or he'll think he can thread one in when he shouldn't think so. But missing a wide open Terrell Owens by like 10 yards? Missing Jason Witten way short? Come on! 

Did you guys not see how he wasn't extending his arm, and seemingly was trying to muscle every throw? Seemed plain as day. 

So to me, my guess is, Parcells knows something is up, so that's why all the "yet" and "now" qualifiers. Maybe he knows at some point if things don't get better, he'll have to make a change. Plus, no need to hand Washington a scouting report by being forthcoming. 

Talk about can't see the forest for the trees? 

So when asked one last time about his quarterback situation, but maybe the wrong situation for the quarterbacks, Parcells, somewhat exasperated, said, "I think you are trying to get me to say at some point in time I'm going to put Romo in. That time is not now, OK? That time is not now. Is that clear enough? Or do you want me to repeat it?" 

I'm guessing he'll have to repeat it, as soon as Wednesday. 

Wow, and you guys thought Terrell Owens was a lightning rod. He ain't got nothing on the quarterback position.                       

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