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Too Close To Call

don't bother. I get that. I'm not saying you can't make tough decisions. All I'm saying is that in this very specific case, there's no reason to name a starter outright.  

At least Scandrick, whose mentality is always tough as nails, even agreed with that thought.  

"It wouldn't have been fair for one of us to be named the starter," Scandrick said. "I think it's the best possible solution to make. It's a letdown physically, emotionally to come out and work so hard and not be named the starter. I think they made the right decision."  

And that's coming from one of the most competitive players on the team.  

It's really pretty simple. You've got a starter in Terence Newman. You've got two others on the right side who will rotate. But they will both play every game, nearly 50 percent of the time. If one of them proves to be ahead of the other, then make the switch.  

Until then, you've got 12 starters on defense. You've got 13 on offense if you count Felix Jones and Martellus Bennett. No one is, or should be, worried about them getting to start.  

The real key is finding a way to utilize their best players. Whether or not they start, Jenkins and Scandrick have proven to be in that group.          

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