Top 10: Can Martin Push Allen As Best Ever? 


FRISCO, Texas – No guard in the history of the NFL has ever received more guaranteed money than Zack Martin, who is the latest to cash in as a member of this Cowboys offensive line.

Martin is arguably the most accomplished member of this talented O-line, being named to four straight Pro Bowls and four All-Pro selections in his first four seasons with the Cowboys.

Can he continue that streak? And what if he does, perhaps, not only playing through this six-year deal but continues to make Pro Bowls and All-Pros as well?

Could Zack Martin find himself up there with Larry Allen as the most accomplished guard in Cowboys history?

That would be quite a feat but Martin is seemingly headed towards that path after just four years in the league. Martin's recent contract prompted us at to rank the 10-best guards in Cowboys history right now.

Let's find out where Martin ranks among the Cowboys' all-time best:


While he came to the Cowboys as a defensive player, Peterson not only made the transition to offense, but was a staple on the offensive line. He even spent some time at tackle, but was a solid guard during the first half of the 1980's decade.