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Top 100: Bryan Broaddus Reveals His Big Board


FRISCO, Texas – The hay is in the barn, as they like to say.

Draft week is upon us, which means there's an uptick in interest as people try to figure out who their favorite team will select on Thursday night. But for those of us that have been evaluating the 2019 draft class for months, the heavy lifting is done.

With that in mind, I finally feel comfortable on where I stand in my evaluations of this year's group. It's been a long road since I started my grading back in January, but I finally managed to sort out how I feel about the top of this draft class.

In years past I've done a Top 50 board, but I decided to expand that in 2019 since the Cowboys don't hold a pick until the end of the second round.

So here's my Top 100, as we take a look at this draft's top players – including some guys I think the Cowboys will be targeting on Day 2 of the draft.