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True To Form

!Injuries kept Bryant from playing in five preseason games and the final four regular-season games.


The broken leg is big, of course. But the other things are easily handled; they're magnified when there's a lot of it.  

If all we heard from Bryant was that he wouldn't pick up Roy's shoulder pads, then it would've been a side note. But you throw in outlandish dinner bills, and being escorted out of a mall, and having other disturbances there that haven't been made public. Now you've got what appears to be not one, but two civil lawsuits that are totaling more than $800,000 in debts. That's a lot of cash for anyone, especially someone who has just one year of football under his belt.  

Each one of his incidents is rather minor. But put them all together in a one-year span and there is a pattern forming, and it's not a good one.  

Already, there are some whispers, mostly outside of the building here at Valley Ranch, that maybe the Cowboys should look at their options in terms of parting ways. I really don't think the team is looking that far ahead right now - nor should they.  

Because this is the exact person they thought they were getting.  

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