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Under The T. O. Big Top

a bit since he's thrown to him during workouts like four or five times. Probably more times than even Drew Bledsoe has hooked up with T. O. 

And this might sound surprising since Romo is just entering his fourth NFL season while Owens is entering his 11th, but he says he thinks "he's coach-able. He seems receptive to asking questions, 'How is this route run?' 

"I didn't know him until I met him (here) . . . I really like the guy. I haven't seen an incident or heard a comment he's made that made me cringe or say, 'Someone better watch him.'" 

And if you think about it, Owens really never has had many problems with his teammates until trying to unearth himself from a situation he had deemed unsuitable in San Francisco and Philadelphia. In fact, probably other than Donovan McNabb, there were a bunch of Eagles teammates saying they would welcome Owens back into the fold after his fallout. 

The thing that has impressed Romo so far has been Owens' willingness to blend in - not big-time the guys in the locker room. 

"He called up a couple of guys and said, let's go do these things," Romo said. "So he's befriended guys. And to me, he doesn't seem much different than the rest of the guys. Just on TV more than most." 

Now Keith Davis, again, just a guy still trying to make his way in the league entering his fourth season, has been impressed, too, with how Owens has worked to be a part of the team. And Davis has gotten maybe a better perspective since Owens has joined their 12: 30 p.m. workout crew. 

"Just one of the guys," Davis said. "Talks, laughs, jokes around. When I first met the guy, he was real respectful, real cool and laid back." 

This is all cool coming from the young guys, and while they know what they're talking about, they aren't those perceptive vets, guys such as Aaron Glenn, preparing for his 13th NFL season. There is little Glenn hasn't seen during his career. 

And I'm guessing flamboyance is something he's had to deal with a time or two, either with teammates or opponents. 

"Not really any different in here," said Glenn, who says he has worked out with Owens a few times. "He goes about his business, and that works with me." 

Plus, Glenn sees a good thing. He knows what Owens has been through. He knows what people say about Owens. He knows what the media might expect out of Owens. And he also knows the way of the NFL, and that everyone will be watching after Owens imploded in the end at San Francisco and Philadelphia. 

"That's why it's going to be a good deal for him, people doubting his character, and no one wants their character doubted," Glenn said. "So he's on a mission (to prove himself), and that helps us." 

And let the last word go to Drew Bledsoe, who after all, will be the guy who will have to deal with Owens the most. Bledsoe doesn't expect problems. He's not bracing for problems. 

Plus, he says he starts with a clean slate. 

"I always hoped people would wait to make judgments on me," Bledsoe said. "What's past is past as far as I'm concerned. He's been the guy I expected him to be. 

"I understand going in Terrell is a guy who attracts a lot of attention. But let me be the first to say I'll be surprised if anything happens." 

Oh, one more thing you might like to hear from the quarterback. 

"I think he can play," Bledsoe said. 

Now this might be what you guys have wanted to hear about Owens, although I'm sure there are some saying, yeah, yeah, this is just the first mini-camp practice. Wait. 

Precisely. That's been the word all along. Wait. Don't jump to conclusions. And so far, so good. 

Owens said all the rights things, just as he did during his first appearance at The Ranch. Parcells was true to his word, and said nothing. But his teammates, the guys he must earn their trust, they did not detect a monster among them. Just another guy. Just another football player. 

But believe you me, they already have detected a darn good football player. 

Now the circus probably pulls out of town on Saturday or for sure Sunday evening when the Cowboys complete this three-day mini-camp. But it will be back, for sure. 

Mark down July 28 when Parcells


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