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Ware Worth Every Penny

excitement as she stood there Monday in what could be the most important day in their lives, along with their daughter Marley.  

Sometimes we get so caught up in the game of football and the economics of it. Who's making this and that and what player isn't pulling his weight and not earning his pay?  

In reality, all of these guys are making money that normal people like you and me would die for.  

But when you sift through all of that and remember that these people are just regular folks, you can't help but get excited for them.  

I have one more story that I'm not real excited about admitting to, but back in 2005, when the Cowboys were on the clock at No. 11. I shook my head when I heard Ware's name come across the TV. I didn't think he was the right pick for the Cowboys. And no, I didn't think they should've taken Shawne Merriman either.  

Nope, this guy right here thought Texas linebacker Derrick Johnson was the real playmaker and catalytic defensive stud this team needed.  

Man, not the first or last time I've been dead wrong. 

In reality, picking Ware back in 2005 might be one of the best decisions Jerry Jones has ever made.  

And with that, locking DeMarcus up the way he did on Monday could rank a close second.        

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