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Warm Goodbyes

!Leonard Davis has three years left on his seven-year, $49 million contract.

can try to improve. But regardless of all the guys who failed to meet expectations last year, the Cowboys have plenty more who did, as well as a franchise quarterback returning from a serious injury and a young, energetic head coach taking over full time. They have to keep doing everything they can to reload and try to get to where the Packers are. 

Because at least there is hope after the Cowboys' 6-10. The same can't be said in a place like Carolina, on a team that is starting over completely. Hard as it seems for the Cowboys to pick their spots for additions by subtraction, it would be even tougher to just wipe the slate clean. With the right coaching and attitude, the Cowboys really could be a mere handful of players away from serious success in the postseason. It's clear they need some fresh additions to the roster. 

To make way for improved talent, though, they'll have to make some subtractions, and probably more this year than they're accustomed. 

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