Watkins Not Satisfied With Just Special Teams

all three of my interceptions in the second half of the season." 

  And then last year, with Hamlin on board, Watkins turned into a special teams demon, leading the team in tackles. His biggest play of the season, not to mention his young career, occurred late in the third quarter against Minnesota when he returned a blocked kickoff return 68 yards for the go-ahead touchdown.  

  "That was probably the biggest play of my career," Watkins said. "I got a chance to run with the ball and show my speed a little bit. That was a big play." 

  And Watkins wants to make more of them. If that means they have to occur on special teams, then he's all for it.  

  "If that's where they want me, then I'm going to go all out," Watkins said. "I'm going to set my goals high. If where I play the most this year is special teams, then I'm going to set records." 

  Watkins said he wants to break the Cowboys' single-season record for special teams tackles. Since the club only started keeping that stat in 1990, the official record is 32, set in 1996 by former linebacker Jim Schwantz, who was selected to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player that year.  

  But Watkins doesn't just want to break the record. 

  "I want to smash it in 10 games," Watkins said. "Whatever the number is, I want to break it in 10 games. You have to set your goals high all the time. 

  "Of course, I want to be starting and playing every down. But if not, I'm going to make the most of whatever opportunity I get."                                                           

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