Weather Games

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Fortunes in the National Football League, especially these days, are about as predictable as the weather.

For this week's Top 10, we've compiled and ranked the 10 most memorable weather games in Cowboys history. It's a list that would make John Madden proud - gridiron warriors battling the elements, and each other, for 60 minutes.

These aren't the 10 worst weather conditions by temperature. Preference was given to the magnitude of the game as well as the memories forged in the heat, rain, snow or mud.

Let's start with No. 10, where we have a tie for the last spot.

10(a). at Philadelphia (Dec. 10, 1989)

Better known as \"Bounty Bowl II,\" the fallout from Buddy Ryan's alleged Thanksgiving \"bounties\" on Troy Aikman and Cowboys kicker Luis Zendejas two weeks earlier. The Cowboys lost both Bounty Bowls, this time a 20-10 defeat at freezing Veterans Stadium. Eagles fans made the game into their own little snowball fight, tossing snow and beers at Jimmy Johnson as security rushed him off the field. Nothing like a little holiday cheer.

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