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What's The Best Thing Mike McCarthy Has Said?


A change in leadership usually means an abundance of changes will follow. Some of them will be new faces, as we've already seen on the coaching staff and will probably see with players as well.

Sometimes, changes can be seen in a new scheme or philosophy.

Either way, Mike McCarthy will definitely have a new approach to being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Since being hired, McCarthy has had two big media sessions involving the staff writers.

So far, each of them picked out the best thing they've heard so far.

Rob Phillips: For me, it's the year McCarthy spent away from the NFL after 26 consecutive years as an assistant or head coach in the league. He called the time off "a gift with a purpose." It was important for him to spend time with his family. But he also took a hard look at himself, figuring out how to become a better coach. He had 175 boxes of old tapes in his garage that he pored through in addition to watching current film of the league. He worked with Pro Football Focus to gain a better understanding of analytics and trends. He evaluated every hire he's ever made, his past scheduling, schemes, you name it. The best coaches – the best people in any field, really – evolve over time. He says that time in the mirror has made him better prepared for this opportunity.

David Helman:It's not a shock to me that Mike McCarthy opted to let Kellen Moore remain in place as the Cowboys' play caller. But what did surprise me was his game plan for the offense, which is to build off what Moore has already put in place – including keeping the language and terminology the Cowboys have already used in previous years. Think about that for a second. Mike McCarthy has been coaching since 1987, which was before Kellen Moore was born. He spent six years as an NFL offensive coordinator and 13 years as a head coach. For him to adjust his terminology and his preferences for Moore, who is entering just his second season as an offensive coordinator, is pretty impressive. To me, that's a really encouraging sign about the ways McCarthy plans to adapt in his second opportunity as a head coach.

Nick Eatman: Well, I liked his opening press conference when he showed a wide range of emotions and personality, even admitting he didn't really know where to put his hands or even saying that he exaggerated a few things to Jerry Jones in his initial interview. But the best thing I've heard from him occurred Thursday when he told the beat writers that he doesn't really put a lot of emphasis in his schemes. You don't know how many times we've asked about a certain player, whether it's a free agent or in the draft, and have been told how they just don't fit the scheme the Cowboys run. Basically, McCarthy said he's focused more on getting good football players in here. After that, they will figure out the scheme to support what they've got on the field. How refreshing is that? In fact, you might actually have a chance to really take "best player available" if that truly is the approach. I still think the Cowboys need to take best available need, but that would just likely mean to take a defensive player.