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Whisenhunt Attempted A Subtle Psyche-Out

It probably wouldn't have worked in BASEketball, but Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt did attempt a psyche out of his own as Dan Bailey lined up to kick again at the end of regulation on Sunday.

Rather than scream "miss it," or "Noonan" just before the ball was snapped, Whisenhunt's strategy was to bluff a timeout call. Jason Garrett had just called his own timeout a moment before, which negated Bailey's first field goal try.

In 2008, Whisenhunt tried to ice then Cowboys kicker Nick Folk on a last second field goal, but Folk promptly nailed his do-over try as well. The Cards coach remembered that scenario on Sunday.

"The official came to me and asked (if I wanted a timeout)," Whisenhunt told the NFL Network on Tuesday. "I said, 'No, I'm not going to call a timeout, I'm going to stand here beside you and make it *look *like I'm going to call a timeout.'"

(How clever!)

"Because you never know," Whisenhunt said. "Maybe the kicker looks over and sees it and thinks you're going to and maybe it gets him a little bit out of his rhythm . . . You really don't have any other options at that time, so you give it a try."

Looks like Garrett is completely off the hook.

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