Whitehead Logs First Reception of 2016 On Crucial Third Down

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Lucky Whitehead waited six weeks to log his first catch, so it was only natural he'd wait a bit longer.

Whitehead snuck undetected out of the formation on a crucial 3rd-and-1 in the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott saw him immediately and lofted him the ball – emphasis on the word "lofted," as the second-year receiver waited what seemed like an eternity for the ball to arrive.

"It definitely took forever to drop, and I was like 'Come on.' I'm just glad it got there," Whitehead said.

Prescott told Whitehead he was worried about overthrowing him, which explains the lengthy wait. Regardless, the play resulted in a 35-yard gain, giving Whitehead his first reception of the year and more than doubling his career receiving tally.

Most importantly, it gave the Cowboys a crucial first down on a drive that ultimately led to a touchdown.

The play was a beautifully-called play action fake, taking advantage if Whitehead's experience in blocking the run game. If you thought the Cowboys saved it for a certain situation, you'd be correct – right down to the exact down and distance.

"We definitely did, and it had to be 3rd-and-1," Whitehead said. "When we've played them in previous years, if we go SAM like that, with Zeke running the way he was running, they've got to respect that. And there's plenty of times I've ran that play that I'm blocking that safety. I had to get to the clear."

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