Who's The Best?

Romo has three Pro Bowls and owns several club passing records, but he's just 1-3 in the playoffs.

that they don't. I think he's solid and has a very good last name for a quarterback, but I don't think he's much better than average.

No. 13 - Jay Cutler - It's too bad the whole knee injury saga took place at the end of last season for him. Cutler had a good year and proved to be the missing piece for the Bears, who have had great defenses in recent years, but just needed some offense. Cutler has a solid arm, but often makes poor decisions. If he gets back in the mix and leads Chicago to another successful season, then he's easily a Top 10 quarterback.

No. 12 - Matt Schaub - Houston hasn't had much success, but it's not because of the offense. Schaub is the reason the Texans have been productive on that side of the ball and he knows how to find his weapon in Andre Johnson. With arguably the best WR in the game and then the leading rusher last year in Arian Foster, there's no reason Schaub can't be ready to take his game to another level this year.

No. 11 - Josh Freeman - He's young, but ready. Freeman finished last year with the sixth-highest quarterback rating in the entire NFL. The reason for that was his 25 touchdowns to just six interceptions. He got the Bucs competitive again and in his third season, he's probably ready to take the next step. If this list was about having a quarterback for the future, he'd probably be in the Top 5 for sure, but even with that, he looks ready to win right now.

No. 10 - Joe Flacco - Winners are always good. Doesn't matter if the Ravens win on defense, Flacco is doing his part, too. Like Freeman, Flacco was seventh in QB rating last year at 93.6. He's the perfect quarterback for Baltimore and its defense because he doesn't make many mistakes. A quarterback who can do that can be successful on any team.

No. 9 - Michael Vick - It's hard to look at his 2010 season and not put him higher on the list. I've said for years, and I haven't really wavered from it, that Vick is really just a great athlete playing quarterback. His downfall has been when he faces teams that limit his running and force him to win the game on his left arm. Obviously, he's a better runner than a passer but he showed last year he can win by throwing the ball. Vick is a dynamic player that is dangerous because he touches the ball every single play. He has his limitations, but they all do.

No. 8 - Matt Ryan - He'd probably be No. 1 on my list if I were starting a team and had to take any young quarterback. Maybe Aaron Rodgers would compete there, but Ryan is going to be good for a long time. He's already good now. Clearly he's taken over as the leader of that team and that's a really good step in the process. With Roddy White and now Julio Jones as his primary targets, you wonder if Ryan is ready to make that jump into elite status.

No. 7 - Tony Romo - He's just missing postseason success. And that's a big deal. That's why players like Ryan and Romo and Cutler are down on the list. They've got just as good an arm and playmaking skills as the others, they just haven't won. For Romo, he's a three-time Pro Bowler who is running the show for America's Team. He's got the stats, he's got the skills, he's got it all but consistent success in big games. If he can't get over that hump, then he'll always be right there on the edge of greatness.

No. 6 - Philip Rivers - Similar to Romo, Rivers is in the same boat. The Chargers have won a few more playoff games, but not too many more. He's got great stats as well, but the Chargers have faltered some in the playoffs. With that, the quarterback takes the heat. Nature of the business. Rivers is the kind of guy that most people dislike if he's on the other team but love him if he's your quarterback.

No. 5 - Drew Brees - I have a lot of respect for this guy. To win at this level, standing no taller than six feet, is impressive. He'd probably be higher on the list but with him, he's got to be in a system that allows him to be successful. He needs a wide-open attack and Sean Payton gives him that. Brees has been outstanding, not only for the Saints but that entire community.

No. 4 - Aaron Rodgers - He

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