Witten's "Special Moment": A Winning TD On A Milestone Night

FRISCO, Texas – In his 14th NFL season, Jason Witten has learned to savor special moments on the football field.

Sunday night, as his teammates surrounded him in celebration following his winning touchdown in overtime against the Philadelphia Eagles – that qualified as one of those moments.

It just happened to coincide with yet another milestone in Witten's career: breaking Ed "Too Tall" Jones' team record for most career starts (204) and tying Lee Roy Jordan's team record for most consecutive starts.

"I learned a long time ago as a young kid playing for my grandfather that football is the ultimate team game," Witten said. "It's really not about any one individual and certainly not the case for me. But tonight was really special.

"I've tried to be an example, a guy that's just trying to be a pro and do it day in and day out, on the field and off the field, practice field and games. To see this team kind of come together; they've energized me.

"I've said it before, and then ultimately to be able to have that opportunity to make a play, that critical (point) of the game, the division and where we're at, I am honored and humbled by this opportunity that Mr. (Jerry) Jones has given me and I love this football team. It's good to see the hard work paying off. We've got a lot to clean up, but this is a special moment for me."

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