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going to take the Pacman out of Adam. 

Remember, he still is under NFL suspension, and the report coming out Wednesday night from WTVF, NewsChannel5 in Nashville, Tenn., further explains why it was so important for the Cowboys to not only insure the fourth-round pick given the Titans for the at-times knucklehead and to not only make sure they did not promise him any money he didn't actually work for, but for the Cowboys to back up their gamble by selecting a first-round quality corner in this past weekend's draft. 

Now you never know in this kind of stuff who's telling the truth, if anyone, since we're dealing with a guy already in prison and facing three counts of attempted murder, along with a six-time arrested cornerback serving his second NFL suspension and truly on his absolute last leg to play in the NFL. 

And either way, no matter this Pacman incident occurred in 2007 when he was with the Titans, you know, the one he was connected with in the Las Vegas strip club shooting melee during the NBA All-Star weekend and why he's basically still under NFL suspension and at the mercy of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he's now identified as a Cowboys player. 

In other words, their headache now. 

So as the story is going, no matter how shaky it might turn out to be, the Nashville TV station, spurred on by obtained legal documents, did a phone interview from a Washington jail with one Avril Kenti Edwards, who now is claiming Jones, who picked him out of a police lineup last week, is doing nothing but framing him with all this extortion talk in order to clear himself. 

Hey, like I said, while Pacman is fighting for potential millions down the road, this guy is fighting for his freedom. Both are desperate. Just like the Plano, Texas, steroid designer who is going down on federal charges and is trying to take down everyone else who ever came in contact with him, including former Cowboys offensive linemen Matt Lehr. Who the hell knows? 

Edwards is saying he didn't do the shooting, that he didn't extort $15,000 from Pacman and that the shooter outside the Minxx club that left a bouncer paralyzed below the waist and two others injured is part of Pacman's crowd from Atlanta. 

Here are the two most disturbing quotes from Edwards: 

  •   "I definitely didn't receive no $15,000. I definitely didn't extort nobody out of no money." 
  • "He knows they (shooter's) name. He knows they street name. He needs to tell on them instead of trying to put this on me when he knows I didn't do this and he know I never met him before and he know he don't know me and I don't know him."   

When asked how in the world then Pacman picked him out of a police lineup, Edwards said it wasn't hard since he has distinctive tattoos and an amputated arm.  Pretty shady stuff, and regardless to who is telling the truth, there does not seem to be any end in sight to this kind of stuff involving Pacman. 

Like I said, this guy could be lying his pants off, but it was curious to me Goodell seemed quite uniformed by all this extortion business and that he said he planned to talk with "Adam" soon when we spoke to him during Sunday's final day of the draft. He said none of this extortion stuff came up in their discussions and seemed a tad perturbed Pacman had not revealed this part of the story to him. And Goodell can't be pleased when he hears about the payment was made for "services rendered." Oh boy, someone is lying. 

Who knows if Adam Jones ever plays for the Cowboys. Remember, to do so, even if this is some tall tale from a man already in jail and facing three counts of attempted murder, Adam Jones will have to string together like six consecutive months of good behavior for Goodell to set him free before camp begins in July. A layup for most, but a long time for a guy who has been arrested six times since he was drafted with the sixth pick in 2005 and spoken to by police about another dozen incidents, depending on whose count you trust. 

So again, Adam Jones would be a bonus to the Cowboys. And it's a darn good thing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones, taking a chance on this obviously talented corner and kick returner, understand that better

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