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10) Who's The Emerging Superstar On This Roster?


(Editor's Note: Over the next month, the staff of is looking to answer the 20 biggest questions facing the team heading into 2021. Today, we'll ask the staff to find an emerging star on the roster.)

FRISCO, Texas – This team is certainly not short on talented players.

With Pro Bowl players at quarterback, running back, offensive tackle, guard, defensive end, linebacker, deep snapper and kicker, the Cowboys jsut have to find a way to mesh it together for this season.

But who's next in terms of individual success? Our writers pick a player that might be ready to be the next superstar.

10) Who's The Emerging Superstar On This Roster?

David Helman: This isn't the first time I've bought into defensive tackle hype, but I just can't help myself. Neville Gallimore looked awfully impressive down the home stretch of last season, and now he's had a full offseason to train and get comfortable at the NFL level. I'm not trying to say Aaron Donald 2.0, but I do think he's going to develop in the Cowboys' best defensive tackle in quite some time. Obviously, the bar isn't high. But it would still be huge for this defense if he raises it.

Kyle Youmans: This may be a bit of a bold prediction, but I really like what Osa Odighizuwa could do for this defense. The third-round pick out of UCLA is entering a situation that is overly desperate to see some success, the interior of the defensive line. Ranking in the bottom two against the run in 2020 had a lot to do with the lack of production in the middle of the defense and especially on the defensive line. There were two ways the Dallas front office wanted to improve that spot this offseason, length and quickness. Both of which are something Odighizuwa possesses. His 84-inch wingspan, and a 4.44 shuttle automatically make him one of the longer and quicker players on the line and could really provide a jolt to the defense. I expect him to have a massive rookie campaign and maybe become a cornerstone in this defense for years to come.

Nick Eatman: Tough call here because I tried to really visualize scenarios of a young player that will emerge into a Pro Bowl type of player. While I wanted to go with Jarwin, I'm still hesitant there. I don't have problems with his injury and rehab, but I wonder if he'll get enough attention to really have the stats that you'll need for that kind of success. So I'm going to defense and give me Trevon Diggs. This kid was thrown into the action last year and it wasn't always pretty. He got beat a few times but he also made his share of plays, too. I think in his second year, he'll get even better and his playing style is one that could get him 6-7 interceptions in a season. If he can do that, coupled with an improved defense, there's a chance Diggs can take his own game to that next level.

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