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5 Takes: It was nothing short of a collapse


ARLINGTON, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys welcomed in the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon and suffered one of the worst playoff losses in franchise history, 48-32, at the hands of a Jordan Love-led offensive attack and an early huge 27-0 hole.

It was a different year – yes – but it was the same playoff story that this team has unfortunately gotten very used to this century. There was a lot to take away from this loss. Here are the 5 Takes, presented by Take 5 Oil Change.

  1. It was nothing short of a collapse.
    Everything was on the table for the Dallas Cowboys going into Sunday. They were gifted the No. 2 seed, were guaranteed two home playoff games and drew the youngest team in the entire NFL for their first round matchup. But like this franchise has seen quite a bit this century, the Cowboys couldn't answer the call and take advantage of a healthy plate in front of them. Now, the offseason starts early with *a lot of questions that will have to be answered.
  1. Dak Prescott disappeared when needed most in the playoffs once again.
    All season, Dak Prescott played like an MVP candidate – and he'll probably end up with a podium finish for the award – but he simply did not show that on Sunday. Two crushing first half interceptions that resulted in 14 points dug a hole that proved to be too insurmountable, even when he was able to find some consistency. Prescott is this team's franchise quarterback – and odds are he will be for a while – but there is going to have to be some serious looks in the mirror when it comes to postseason success.
  1. This team was never built to play from behind this season, and it ended up being its kryptonite.
    Time-after-time in losses this season, the Cowboys found themselves in holes that they couldn't dig out of. The Texas Coast offense was predicated around marching down the field methodically and winning the time of possession battle over all else. Well, when staring into the face of big deficits, that's the exact opposite of what is needed. Even if the defense would've been able to make some sort of stop at some point, the offensive output wouldn't have been enough on Sunday.
  1. This game shouldn't make or break the fate of Mike McCarthy.
    Fans are already loud on social media calling for the job of Mike McCarthy, and I just don't see that being rational right now. Yes, the sting of this loss – and the fashion in which it happened – is brutal. The lack of literally anything positive falls on the coaching staff and how they prepared the team for this one this week. But when you look at what McCarthy has done since he's been in Dallas and compare it to head coaches of the past, I still believe he is the guy that can get this team back to where it needs to be. Like it or don't like it. Big Mike is here to stay in my book.
  1. The offseason questions start this week.
    Questions were fired off from the time the Cowboys stepped off the field about the future of this team, and they will continue until they suit it back up next September. The most pressing question is what happens to Dan Quinn? Does he take the job in Seattle or Los Angeles? If he doesn't, how do things get corrected with his unit? Even without a loss like this, this offseason was going to be entertaining. Now, it has multiple headline material.

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